Built for Brands -- From 3 offices to 3,000

Tools for Brand Groups

Introduce complete oversight and control over your entire national group. Insights into the combined marketing spend of your entire network and control over the country-wide appearance of your brand.


From a single office to national brands, save confusion and market more efficiently with brand control.

Centralised brand control with decentralized usage of brand assets.

You won’t need to seek approval from head office to start building property marketing. All the templates we build come with brand consistency and rules baked in.

Every asset provided by a brand, and the ability to store your own office specific image libraries make your office better equipped to take controlled branding and inject your own personality.

Keeping you updated with the latest designs, using data-driven decision making to expand the template offering around the items you need the most and use the most often.

You’ll be able to fit in where it counts, and stand our where it matters.

Your unique brand and asset library, custom tailored to your office.

We take control of all your brand assets, from logos and typefaces to the photography that best represents your brand in the marketplace. Combining it all in one place where it’s easy to access and easier to use.

You’ll never have to worry about being off-brand or outside the scope of a marketing campaign with the un-paralleled levels of control Realhub provides.

Having the brand specifics safely locked away and keeping your marketing versatile and maleable to every possible requirement will help your office, no matter the user market themselves and your brand efficiently.

Unlock unique brand level insights on your business.

Control and monitor the spending, across an entire national group from one place.

A million and one moving parts, brand groups of all sizes have one common problem, how do you keep track of what all your offices are doing, where they are spending their money and how they are performing in one place.

As a brand manager with Realhub you’ll be able to make more informed decisions, improve your negotiating power with suppliers and quickly react to issues with team performance as they arise.

Migration specialists, for when it’s time to move

We’ve acheived what no-one else in the market has ever had to. The movement of massive office groups, with minimal friction. Brands that migrate through to our platform experience for themselves the quality and speed with which we act, and support their network.

Get every real estate service in one place, and save hours communicating and tracking entire campaigns.

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