Founded in 2010 --

Harris Real Estate

From 5 staff in 2010, to 150 staff and 5 offices today - their success continues. An award winning industry leader in residential sales and property management with strong values.
Largest in SA
# OF SALES IN 2018
“Realhub’s speed of communication and ability to quickly make changes has been one of their greatest strengths.”
South Australia’s leading Real Estate brand knew it was time for a change of scenery.

Achieving a dominant market position isn’t enough for some people. Smart business owners know that if you let your size and success go to your head and rest in your position then it’s only a matter of time until another office comes and takes the crown.

Phil and the team at Harris real estate quickly recognised that there was technology available in the market that would help them dramatically outperform the competition, and outperform their previous capabilities with their existing marketing software.

Taking advantage of a lull in the market before spring, and knowing spring could be their biggest yet they knew moving over, and doing so quickly would be the only way to ensure they could continue to lead the market.

So the move to Realhub was decided upon. And within the space of a few months, and multiple custom solutions to their unique workflows the entire group of offices was transferred over to a new way of working.

“Their passion for technology is evident as their system is always evolving and adapting to market changes.”
Phil Harris
Founder & Director

Met with resounding support from the marketing and sales teams, and after some very tricky migration specific development even the accounts team were all ready to go.

Change, and learning a new way of operating is usually met with a fair amount of resistance, understandably some people are of the opinion of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ but sometimes an alternative comes along that is so enticing there’s no option but to take advantage and scale your business further without committing additional resources.

Scale your business and maintain a leading position.Join the team at Realhub today.

If we have ideas for system improvements we know that Realhub’s team will be just as excited as us to build and implement new features.