Built for the Suppliers too -- We give them the tools

All your suppliers plugged in together. In one spot.

It doesn’t take 800 logins and 800 different systems to completely market yourself and your property anymore. Our supplier agnostic system provides the tools to do it all in one place.

Proptech as an industry is taking off into the stratosphere.

There’s been over $12 Billion invested into exciting new property niche technology in 2018. That’s grown from$186 Million a year in 2011. That’s a 64x increase in spending.

The industry is always announcing game-changers and the‘Uber’ of a specific single point of contact Agents currently maintain, but most systems fail to give complete customer care but only handle one small area.

Instead of trying to be the best at everything, we’re letting experts carve out and service their niche, and providing a place for them all to unite and become accessible to the modern digital agent.

“Proptech is one small part of a wider digital transformation in the property industry. It considers both the technological and mentality change of the real estate industry, and its consumers to our attitudes, movements and transactions involving both buildings and cities”
Vincent Lecamus
You’ve probably got too many subscriptions, and too many logins to different platforms already.

Enough is enough. Every different marketing avenue shouldn’t need a new login, with a new system to learn and a new password to remember. It’s hard enough getting a team of agents or managers all in the same room once to learn new software, let alone ten times a year.

By bringing all your services under the one umbrella, and that umbrella being so intuitive that anyone can use it with minimal training, you reduce friction and the risk of information being lost when changing staff..

It’s your data, you should be able to take it with you, and send it where you like.

Taking advantage of industry standards and unique offerings alike, we play ball with the entire industries potential technology stack via API.

Creating and editing campaigns again, and again, and again for every piece of the marketing puzzle is a nightmare. We capture campaign data, and seamlessly release it back out to marketing providers, so you only enter data once, finally.

Built around your existing CRM, and your existing suppliers we’re an easy to learn conduit that focuses on making your multi-faceted marketing approach’s cohesive, and improving communication between every platform.

Finally, all your suppliers, plugged in together.

It doesn’t have to take 28 different logins to 28 different systems you shouldn’t even need 3. It’s not your job to know the contact details or correct technical specifications for an artwork order. Not anymore. We are currently plugged into over 400 major Real Estate suppliers, and the national newspaper network with more and more becoming available daily.

If you’ve got your own suppliers and they aren’t already available, let us know and we’ll get them set up ASAP so you can experience the benefits of getting all your marketing under the one login.

We offer connectivity from simple email order notifications, to complete system integrations that feed up to the minute information back to you from your providers creating better transparency and easier to manage campaigns.

“Realhub removed prior inefficiencies across the group that relies on a multitude of suppliers contained. We’re eliminating waste through the adoption of Realhub. And that’s what's going to drive value in our business.”
Doug Hutchinson
Operations Manager
Open connectivity is the future

The future of real estate, and it’s technology partners isn’t one system to rule them all, it’s a million small pieces of technology that you can build a complete cohesive picture from, like a giant puzzle, Realhub makes all the pieces fit together.

We are built on a platform used by leaders of the technology industry like Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Dropbox and even Australia’s largest technology start-up Atlassian, which now brings all those huge benefits over to you.

Our open API allows new and existing platforms to build exciting new products and become partners, they can then access your agency as plug-ins to fit your specific needs.

Tech Savvy? Check out the API Docs
BYO platforms, let us connect it.

We want to stand as a model for high-quality business relationships and integrations. Real estate marketing has been kept under cloak and dagger too long. An open language we all share benefits everybody from the agent to the supplier.

We are open to the development of integrated partnerships from the web to mobile, always with the best interests of the customers in mind. We’re happy for teams to build their technology, off the back of our platform, with the agencies data and marketing..

Together we can stand on the shoulders of giants and build a better, disruption-free future for Real Estate.

“Technology is what helps keep the real estate industry on its toes. Increasingly, new actors are flooding the market, offering tools and solutions for real estate professionals, or harbouring the ambition to become the Uber of real estate.”
Vincent Lecamus

Your tech-connected and communication embracing, platform with all the other products it provides your business, are minutes away. Get ready for the change.

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