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Send more winning proposals with the streamlined creation of quotes, pre-lists, comparable market reports and up to the minute tracking and reporting that let’s you strike while the iron is hot.

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“Sorry, we’ve gone with another agent.” ~ Not again....

How would you feel if you’d spent months or even years nurturing a lead, but when the time came for them to sell, another agent sent them a more professional, more informative, custom branded, interactive and mobile-friendly digital proposal, securing the listing instead of you?

You’ve put in too much groundwork to lose it right before the finish line. Using Realhub’s real estate-focused proposal software you’ll be the one converting sales out from under your competitor's feet.

“There are only two reasons why you don’t have every listing in your market. You were not called in, or you were not good enough once you were there.”
Tom Panos
Real Estate Trainer
You’re not just competing against agents, you’re competing against giants.

The rise of tech behemoths like Amazon and Uber has changed the world, and not just for their own industries. It’s lifted consumers expectations to almost unachievable heights.

Competing with John Smith Real Estate from around the corner and his loose leaf, in-house printed word doc is easy. Competing with billion-dollar tech companies is harder. You need to stand on the shoulders of powerful technology.

Create and send proposals from anywhere, at any time.

Intuitive Mobile and Desktop Builder

You can’t control when a seller might contact you, so you need to be ready no matter what. You need to have the tools at hand to prepare and send a professional and informative proposal that gets you through the gates.

Integrated historical sales data

A killer presentation has to include up to date market research including which markets to access. It will be tailored to the vendor and their property. And finally, the proof to back it up.

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Branded custom templates
Get your brand set up in minutes, without onboarding costs for the default themes.
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Instantly send your proposal worldwide via SMS or email with trackable links.
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Educate your vendor and strike while the iron is hot with SMS alerts on open.
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wins the listing.

Companies that respond to leads in under an hour are 7x more likely to convert leads to sales. Imagine if you could respond in minutes.

So get the right gear, and get ready to race.

Accessible Anywhere

Responsive Mobile, Tablet & Desktop friendly design built for speed.

Just like you can’t control when a vendor will need your proposal, you can’t control how they will consume it. Realhub gives you the ability to send one link, that works everywhere, on all the latest operating systems and browsers, across any device from phones and tablets to the desktop. You will always look good.

Get Personal. Gain Listings

Personalise and send proposals to anybody. Including your CRM contact list.

Personalisation is incredibly important in the current digital landscape. If people are asking for your informed opinion on selling their property, you can bet they are expecting a proposal that has been prepared only for them, not a cut & paste of the last property you appraised. Use your own data to populate the proposal automatically so you’re always sending a custom proposal.

Make sure to include a youtube or Vimeo hosted agent profile video.

People are time poor. We rarely like to sit down and read huge chunks of text. Adding a profile video to your proposal can go a long way in grabbing their attention and letting them learn more about you, building trust in you.

The rate at which a vendor remembers what they’ve read is as low as 10%. With video, retention rates skyrocket to 95%.

Users spend up to 88% more time on a website that includes a video.

Including an agent profile video with vendor testimonials is a great way of highlighting your value to the transaction. The best performing pre-lists include a quick introduction video personalised specifically to each proposal meeting, speaking directly to the vendor and mentioning them by name.

Get a better understanding of vendor’s viewing habits

Make more informed follow-ups and strike while the iron is hot.

Instant SMS alerts, time a viewer spent on your proposal and how many times they’ve viewed it are incredibly valuable for converting more listings. Whether a vendor clicks on your proposal within a minute of you sending it, or in 8 months when they finally decide they are ready to sell, you can be on the phone, having an informed and directed conversation.

Use data to predict income and increase conversions. Comprehensive reporting will help you formulate the best recipe for success.

Your brand, your personality.
Not a cookie cutter design.

You probably don’t fit the mould of a ‘typical’ agent, or you wouldn’t be here. Everything that got you to where you are today makes you unique, and it is what makes a vendor choose you over the competition.

Built here in Australia we can offer completely custom one-off templates that perfectly fit your brand. You can have this designed by our design team, your professional third party design studio, or our talented front-end designers. No one will confuse you with the competition.

“Can I start without it?”

No dramas at all. Every single proposal is unique to you, your brand, and has a completely customised layout which means no two proposals are the same, even if you don’t have a completely custom build.

Provide accurate and
transparent pricing.

Become the accounting team’s new best friend.

Accidentally underquoting a listing, or over quoting a newspaper ad could cost you or the vendor thousands, and lead to unprofessional conversations to smooth over. Don’t leave pricing up to chance, use a proposal platform with your pricing and quoting built in.

Build trust,
provide social proof.

How important is social proof to converting prospects into sellers?

Social proof is a socio-psychological principle so ingrained in our behaviour that many of us don’t even realize it’s impact. The idea is that we are influenced by other people’s experiences. If we see someone get burned by a hot pan, we are not going to touch that pan ourselves.

By highlighting what their neighbours are doing (selling with you) you can very quickly build a large amount of trust, even if they don’t personally know the people providing their testimonials.

“63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from someone if they are shown ratings and reviews.”
Neil Patel

Our loyal team of Australia’s leading real estate agencies, working hand in hand to help build the future of real estate.

Input from the largest and smallest real estate businesses in Australia is helping to build the most effective platform for professional agents.
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