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Powerful, fast and easy to use, Real Estate Marketing platform that powers your agency and your personal marketing campaigns from digital and print providers Australia wide. Built for professional agencies, just like yours.

Start producing marketing that matters

All of your campaigns, and all of your staff, in one professional platform built for professional agents.

Cloud hosted marketing and business management, be better organised. Sell more effectively.
Find leads, win more listings
Use the industries most advanced reporting and digital proposal software on the market to wow sellers.
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Marketing Campaign Manager
Tools that make you more efficient, allowing you to sell more houses with less overheads and resources.
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Business Management Tools
Keep complete end-to-end oversight across your business and staff’s marketing and productivity.
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“They’ve got young people in the business that are enthusiastic with great, new and fresh ideas. I’ve put all my faith in the guys at realhub. If you’re going to start looking at becoming a local unique company talk to the guys at realhub, it’ll change your business.”
John McManus
Get up and running fast

So easy, you’ll wonder why you waited

There’s a lot that goes in to marketing a property, across hundreds of suppliers, technical specifications, deadlines etc. Realhub services clients across the entire Australian marketplace and our existing relationships with these suppliers means set up is a breeze.

You don’t have to worry about anything, we’ll guide you through the entire process.

Our onboarding team has implemented hundred’s of agencies, thousands of newspapers and thousands of providers. If we don’t already have them, we can get them faster than you can build a brochure.

Get more services in one place, with a professional marketing platform that enables growth.

The power to choose from any real estate supplier, across every marketing product you could ever need, from one place, with one snapshot of

Experience less stress during bookings, artworks and ordering. Anyone is an expert with Realhub.

Covering Australia for real estate publications.

Newspaper bookings, artworks and communication Australia wide.

Between us and the newspaper is an instant digital link. Book ads faster, build artworks easier and never worry about complicated technical specs or delivery methods. Everything is right in your campaign dashboard alongside the rest of your marketing.

Our staff have extensive knowledge on newsprint and are always happy to help if you’ve got any questions, deadline extensions or anything else really.

We offer professional proofing and pagination, or allow a fully hands off do it yourself approach.

If you’re already managing a group of offices, booking together we offer an easy to use and understand booking, artwork and pagination platform. But if you’d

Manage and track all bookings, across every publication.
Our platform makes booking everything from single ads, to multi week campaigns, liftovers and promo advertising easier than ever.
Build the artwork, for the approriate paper, without the guesswork.
Always use the right artwork for the right publication without worrying about baseplates, newspaper specs and bleeds, positioning and see them all paginated.
Make sure you always place the ad on time with deadline reminders.
Ever missed a paper deadline? With our dedicated newspaper team we can follow up on artworks and bookings to ensure you don’t miss a crucial booking.
More than just a house sale, it’s a lead-gen tool.

Attract new sellers with your marketing.

Not only will passive buyers increase your chances of an exceptional sales price achieved for your vendor, that same passive buyer who wasn’t in the market except for the right house is now a seller that needs an agent.

Sellers do their research online and in newsprint, looking for who the best option to sell their house is, so having a strong presence in the newspaper is a must to attract more sellers.

One single marketplace, for every supplier, every service

Learn one system, order everything. Your entire office’s marketing in one place.

We’ve built relationships with almost every real estate supplier on the market. Through years of experience in our own print/digital offerings our platform is able to provide tools for providers to keep you up to date with your order statuses.

With some suppliers offering API integrations and up to the minute information on order progress, and even more providers accepting and receiving orders instantly via webhook or email orders you’ll be confident and informed on every order you make for a campaign in one easy to digest space.

Agents who don’t embrace social media are doomed to fail.

Millenials make up 66 percent of the market for first-time homebuyers. 99% of buyers use the internet looking to purchase a new house. There are over 25 million Australians and over 15 million of them use Facebook and Youtube.

It’s not enough to just list your property on real estate portals, passive buyers aren’t there.

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The best video agency in the industry, plus any existing suppliers.

We might be a little biased, but our real estate video team is one of the best across the industry. If you’re fortunate enough to work within the Northern Beaches or Lower North Shore, you’ll be able to take advantage of the team at Real Studios and improve your video marketing. View the Real Studios showreel below to see how you could be marketing your own agency tomorrow.

Visit Real Studios Website Now

What if I’ve already got my own video supplier?

Alternatively, Australia wide we have a wide network of equalliy high quality video providers we can offer, or you can bring your own.

Our own internal print operation,and every other printer you need.

We service the Northern Beaches with high quality, fast turnaround print solutions. For everyone else we providehigh quality print ready artworks to every real estate printer in the industry. So every marketing campaign you undertake, it’s print perfect. No matter where.

Photography from the best in the business.

We’re not here to get in the way of existing relationships, bring your own photographer, or find a new one. (Even just a temporary replacement).

Photography quality is entirely subjective. That’s why we don’t try and pidgeonhole ourselves into one style and prefer to partner with the best companys in the entire industry have them deliver the quality you’re after, with no friction.

Photographers can upload your photography straight to your realhub campaign.

It’s not enough to market property. Million dollar agents never stop promoting themselves.

We’re not just focused on property sales, getting your name out there, exploding your personal brands recognition and building a consistent funnel of leads into the business is where marketing yourself comes in.

Tools and templates built sepcifically to market you and your agency, in the most accessible marketplace online, with the ability to shop around for the best price and make sure your marketing is not only cost effective, but has a great ROI (return on investment).

Past marketing yourself and your office the standard kit for an agent, from flags, to business cards, pointer boards and a-frames are all easier to order from Realhub where all your data already sits, no back and forward proofing just built it right yourself, the first time.

Finally, all your suppliers,
plugged in together.

It doesn’t have to take 28 different logins to 28 different systems. Not anymore. We’re currently plugged into over 400 major Real Estate suppliers, and more and more are becoming available daily.

If you’ve got your own suppliers and they aren’t already available, let us know and we’ll get them set up ASAP so you can experience the benefits of getting it all in one spot.

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